Consulting Team

To assist in the preparation of the Land Use and Circulation Elements Update, the City of San Luis Obispo issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) that was open to all firms interested in performing the scope of work prepared by the City.  In response to the RFP, a number of qualified firms provided proposals to the City.  Upon review of the proposals and an interview process, the City selected the consulting team lead by Matrix Design Group.  An overview of the consulting team is provided below:

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Matrix Design Group will be the prime contractor for this project and will jointly work with Mintier Harnish on the crafting of a General Plan that is responsive to local needs and will be based on the collaborative input of the entire community.  Matrix brings to this effort extensive general plan experience in California and Arizona.

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Mintier Harnish is the leader in the preparation of general plans in California.  Mintier Harnish has completed over 50 general plan programs in California, ranging from rural counties to urban communities.

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Kittelson Associates brings expertise in mobility planning, not just circulation analysis.  Mobility is about moving people and goods using a variety of modes.  More than a focus on automobiles, the new Circulation Element needs to effectively address the integration and planning for all modes.  Kittelson is unique among this type of firm because they know how to plan for all modes of mobility.

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Our team places a high value on the development of plans that can be implemented.  Part of this realistic approach is an understanding of the financial realities of the alternatives being evaluated.  Applied Development Economics (ADE) provides the team with realistic projections, demographics, and the financial and fiscal implications of a General Plan Update.

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UrbanGreen is a leader in engaging the community in the development of a sustainable future that meets the community's vision, not just sustainability guidelines.  Urban Green will support the team in community outreach.

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A critical component to the success of this planning effort is effective community involvement.  Flint Strategies covers not only the normal participation methods, but goes the extra mile to provide the broadest outreach program we have ever offered.  From newsletters, to surveys, to public service announcements, to innovative web-based interaction on issues identification and alternatives development, Flint has that covered.

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Oliveira Environmental Consulting, in collaboration with Sage Institute and Ascent Environmental, will lead the preparation of a Program EIR that will not only cover the impacts of the General Plan elements prepared, but will also be the basis of future project-level environmental compliance.

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