Meeting Materials

All materials produced for General Plan Update meetings and workshops will be available online.

Below are six buttons representing the types of meetings that will occur as part of the General Plan Update. Clicking one of these buttons will take you to a page containing the meeting information for that entity.  On these pages, each meeting is listed in order, with the most recent meeting listed on the top and going back in time sequentially from there.  The information provided for each meeting will include any agendas, meeting materials, presentations, minutes, and recordings that are prepared.  If a listed item (like an agenda) is in blue text with an underline, that document can be reviewed by clicking on the appropriate word (a link).  If the word is grey in color, that item was either not prepared for that meeting or the item is not yet available (for instance, Minutes are published after a meeting has occurred, while an Agenda is available before the meeting occurs).  To get started, just click on one of the buttons below.

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