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This website is easily navigated using the topical drop down menus arranged horizontally near the top of this page. They are:

Home – The main page you land on when you type  This page provides four boxes that highlight upcoming events and other important project announcements.  Right below this row of boxes, to the far right side, is a box labeled "Latest News".  This box lists the most recent additions to the website.

Community Involvement – This portion of the website provides information on the public participation process and how you can be involved in the development of the Land Use and Circulation Elements Update.

Talk To Us – Fill out the form that is on this page to send an e-mail to the project team (your e-mail will go to appropriate City Staff and Consulting Team members).

Library – The "Using the Library" selection will give you an overview of how to download and use project documents.  Under this are links to types of materials you can download.  This includes information from all Meetings held on the General Plan Update, copies of Newsletters, draft and final Documents & Reports as they are published, and Maps that show important information relative to the Update. At the end of the menu is a "Quick Links" selection.  This part of the website also contains links to other useful reference materials and photographs of project events.

En Español – Para ayudar en el acceso a la información sobre la actualización del Plan General, esta página del sitio web se ofrece información en Español.  (To assist in access to information on the General Plan Update, this page of the website will provide information in Spanish.)

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